Book 1642 Field Sports: Free access to Sacrewell Farm – Day Pass

It can be hard trying to find things that do not cost a fortune., but we have managed to find an amazing, fun day suitable for all of the family. Not only did we spend time learning air rifle shooting, archery but we gained free access to Sacrewell Farm.

1642 Field Sports, located at Sacrewell Heritage Farm, Peterborough, provides rifle, pistol, sniper air shooting, slingshots, and archery training. It costs £5 for 15 pellets per session or £20 per hour. £5 per spectator, if in charge of a minor, there is no fee and free access to Sacrewell Farm.

Spending time with a qualified trainer and learning the art of air rifle shooting or archery is a fun way to create brilliant memories. With free access to Sacrewell Heritage Farm, relax and explore old historical buildings, children’s soft play, and meeting rare animals is ideal for younger children.

Two family activities for the price of one – Sacrewell Heritage Farm and 1642 Field Sports Peterborough

Family adventures – 1642 Field Sports, at Sacrewell Heritage Farm Peterborough

Sacrewell Heritage Farm is part of the William Scott Abbott Trust located in the heart of the countryside on the outskirts of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. It is packed full of family fun. It is not advertised on their website but tucked away in the corner of the site past the museum; you can find 1642 Field Sports.

Purchasing tickets in advance from the 1642 Field Sports website will give you free access to Sacrewell Heritage Farm. All you have to do is show staff on entry to Sacrewll Farm the confirmation of payment receipt.

If you do not purchase your tickets in advance and decide you want to have a go, but you have paid for your entrance at Sacrwell Heritage Farm, ask the staff at 1642 Field Sports to contact the office and arrange for your tickets to be refunded.

Having fun at 1642 Field Sports

1642 Field Sports combines different activities such as air rifle or pistol shooting, slingshot and archery. You can either book an hour slot where you can have fun trying out everything and be shown by a qualified instructor. Or you can book individual sessions, but you are limited with the pellets. Price-wise it is more cost-effective to book an hour session and not individual activities.

Have fun and compare your target work

Not only can you practice target shooting at targets arranged on boards and around the field, but part of the fun is also trying to hit a wooden spoon. Then, you can take them all home at the end of the session and keep them as enjoyable memories.

Ticket prices for 1642 Field Sports

Slingshot15 Pellets£5.00 Per Adult/Child
Archery12 Arrows£5.00 Per Adult/Child
Air Rerifles15 Pellets£5.00 Per Adult/Child
Air Pistol15 Pellets£5.00 Per Adult Child
Prices Based on Ammunition not on time
1 hourChoice of 4 activities£20.00 Per Adult/Child
Party BookingChoice of 4 Activities
Planned Games
2 Instructors
£210 Total Price
SpectatorsNot required if guardian to under 18 £5.00
Sessions times, party booking and spectator fees

Safety first for everybody including spectators

Before any activities can commence, instructors will explain all of the safety rules to participants and spectators. This takes place in a hut that has been sectioned off for social distancing purposes. An adult must accompany any children under the age of 18.

Before you start all participants and spectators are given full safety instructions,

  • Handling of air guns – Only handling guns within designated boxes, and only aiming towards targets.
  • Loading pellets and safety catch
  • Safety barriers
  • Safety goggles
  • The general public is not allowed into the field of fire
  • No cross firing across other firing ranges
  • Stop shooting and shout ‘stop’ if there are any wildlife or persons in firing range

Entertaining your kids for a day at Sacrewell Heritage Farm

Sacrewell Heritage Farm is packed full of activities for younger children and will keep them entertained for hours. Many different areas are hidden away to explore, feed animals, inside soft play, outside play areas, streams, farm vehicles to climb, and a maze. Plus an enjoyable tractor ride for just a few pounds.

There are many special events during the year, workshops such as wood carving, ironworks, or visit the animal village and hatchery. Where they have rabbits, guinea pigs, and see incubated eggs ready to hatch. It is great to see children’s faces during the lambing season to stroke the baby lambs and be amazed.

Around the site, there are plenty of facilities to clean your hands, especially if you are feeding the animals. You can buy animal food from a dispenser near the animal pens.

There is a cafe, and the food is ideal for younger children, but there are many areas where you can have a picnic. Look for the dens dotted around the farming grounds as these are great to shield from the sun and have a picnic.

History of Sacrewell Heritage Farm

Sacrewell Heritage Farm has stacked historical value and has received lottery grants to retore a working mill. There are many interactive activities inside of the mill, which is great fun to try. As well as climbing steep stairways, from the top of the mill, you can see the watermill in full working order.

As you explore the mill, there are buttons on activity boards that will tell you the history of the building and the people that worked there. Fell trees sections that show the tree’s age, highlighting the tree’s life and the different important times in our history. For instance, decimal currency introduction, first cashpoint, and the man on the moon.

There is also a block of old stables showing different historical harnesses for horses and farming equipment that farmers used. There are many interactive fun activities for all of the family.

Ticket prices for Sacrewell Heritage Farm

Due to social distancing, there are limited numbers allowed access to the farm, and you can only stay for half a day, but hopefully, soon, you will be able to stay for a full day. You can only book online.

  • Adult – £6.30
  • Child – £4.75
  • Under 2’s – Free

There are additional fees for visiting the Playbarn, tractor rides, so it can be expensive.

Related questions

Camping for families at Sacrewell Heritage Farm

There are great onsite camping and caravan facilities, but you do need to book in advance. The camping pitches surround the outskirts of the farm and have amazing views. 27 pitches have EHU with an additional 55 non-EHU. There are toilet, shower and dishwashing facilities located around the site.

There is a security barrier to which you will need an access code, so there is no restriction with leaving the campsite and returning later in the evening. If you forget your code, there is a night warden present.

The average pitch cost is £29 for 2 adults and 2 children for 1 night or £24 for non-EHU. In addition, you can select your pitch location, which you can view on a downloadable map.

Camping at Sacrewell does not give you free access to the farm, there is an entrance fee of £12.60 per adult and £9.50 per child. This is automatically added to your bill when you book online.

Ticket prices are double the price of normal admission but it does give you addiitonal access to acitivites.

Your ticket will give you access to:

  • Unlimited access to campsite play
  • Outdoor play
  • Artisan Courtyard
  • Stamford Heavenly chocolates
  • Nene Valley Spirits
  • Explore and meet farm animals
  • Explore historical buildings located around the grounds

1642 Field Sports loyalty reward card

Earn points using 1642 Field Sports Reward Card

1642 Field Sports do not have a membership program, but they do offer a loyalty card scheme. This is ideal because you have the card stamped each time you purchase activity over £10.

  • Free session for 10 stamps (1 hour session)
  • 50% discount after 5 stamps are collected

The above can only be used for one person activity and cannot be split. You can gift your card, but the cardholder must place the activity order.

Book 1642 Field Sport ideal for team building

1642 Field Sports activities are brilliant for work events, not just for family fun. So it is ideal for corporate events or team building activities. The teams are given different challenges and have the option to select different themes such as special agent or cowboys. 


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