Vango non-stick 2 people camping cooking kit: Review

Two years ago, I purchased cheap cooking pans for our family camping trips which, after storing in the garage during the winter period, soon deteriorated. Even though they were cleaned and dried before storing.

To save money, I decided to use saucepans from my home. I soon realised that camping with bulky, heavy saucepans was not suitable. I needed a set of cooking pots for two people, lightweight and compact, that would last more than 6 months. I needed to have more than one saucepan, as I often cook my son different food. I did not want to be washing up to carry on cooking a meal for myself. It was also essential to buy a compact cooking pan set that I could use whilst wild and car camping.

The Vango aluminium non-stick pan set is not suitable for a mini stove as they slip off quickly due to no grips on the base. The two saucepans are a reasonable size for heating water, precooked meals, rice or pasta. The frying pan is small with high sides making it difficult to cook more than one food. Plastic cups are suitable only for measuring, not for hot drinks—foldable handles allowing easy packaging into a bag ideal for transporting.

Is the Vango non-stick cooking set worth buying?

Good pointsBad points
Suitable for a portable gas stoveNot suitable for family camping if you want to use them for large meals.
Handles fold around the saucepans for packing.Lid handles are flat and close to the surface. Easy to burn your fingertips. The lids can be swapped for more suitable ones easily, as they are screw fittings.
Fold and stack easily to reduce space.The cups need to be thrown away. They are not very solid, and hot drinks taste yuck.
Carry bag providedThe frying pan is small with high sides, making it difficult to use a spatula to remove food.
Ideal for two people camping.Handles are the correct size for me, but you may catch the pans and burn yourself for larger hands.
Plastic covered handles on saucepans and frying pan to protect against burning your hand.Handles must not be placed directly over any heat, as they will melt
Solid handles when clasped together only. Not suitable for mini stoves. If windy or on sloping ground, they will slide off due to no grips on the base of the pans.
Easy to cleanNeed to hold in place whilst stirring food.
Good and bad points of Vango non-stick saucepan set

Testing Vango Non-Stick pans and cup

Testing of the Vango non-stick pan set has been interesting. At first glance, I was not expecting them to withstand everyday usage. We tested during our camping trips alongside cooking at home. Non-stick pans, on average, have a life span of 4-5 years, providing they are cared for correctly. I expect these pans to last us a year, using on average 5 days a month.

The Vango set ranges between £17 – £25 for a 2 person set and is available in 3 and 4 person sets.

How we testedResultScore
We tested cooking on a one-ring portable gas stove and a lightweight mini stove.

Passed – Portable Gas Stove
Pan sits comfortably on a portable gas stove but will move quickly, as there are no grips on the base to hold in place.

Failed – Mini Gas Stove
Not suitable, unstable and slides off easily.

Need to hold securely whilst cooking and cannot be left unattended.

Cooking heat dispersment

Dispersement and retaining heat whilst cooking.
Passed – Heated quickly and evenly across the base of the pans.

Did not retain head, they cooled quickly after removing from heat.
Frying pan
Cooked breakfast for two people – adult and child
Eggs, bacon and sausage
Failed – 16cm is too small, high sides were making it difficult to use a spatula.

Ideal for cooking several sausages or scramble eggs.

Cannot throw everything into a pan and cook at once.
Saucepan sizes
I was reheating food and cooking a meal from scratch for two people.
Large saucepan – 1400ml
Small saucepan – 900ml

Ideal size for two people. Heating frozen food and heating water.

You need to be very strategic if you want to cook larger meals.

Okay, to use alongside a BBQ.
Cupsdrinking and measuring
Only used once for a hot drink.
Measuring food for cooking – tested by transferring measures from traditional measuring cups and jars
Not very sturdy; they felt flimsy.
Tiny – teacup size

If you prefer a mug, then don’t consider using these cups.

Okay, for emergency use only.

Failed – Hot drinks do not taste very nice. I threw my drink away.

Failed – I found the writing for measures unreadable. Due to this, I could only see the lines inside of the cups concerning measuring.

Measures are not 100% accurate, but I was not expecting them to be.

The saucepans were used during camping trips and whilst cooking quick meals at home.
I was cleaning with hot water and fairy liquid.
Cleaned straight away and left food to dry in pans

Passed – Cleaned very quickly, but this is due to them being aluminium with a non-stick coating.

Only used a soft sponge; there was no need to use anything more abrasive.

Passed – Dried food left overnight in a pan, needed to be soaked for about 5 minutes but cleaned quickly.
Safety using:

Mini stove
Portable gas stoves
Failed – Mini Gas Stove – Slips easily if knocked or on a slope. I will not use them again on the mini stove.

Passed – Portable Gas Stove – Can easily be knocked off but sits comfortably on the hob. There is no overhang.

Failed – Handles have the potential to melt if they are not moved away from a flame.

They will break easily, as they seem flimsy and will flip around quickly when you are not holding


Weight test

Advertised as 0.79Kg

Weighed in grams and converted to kilograms
All pots in the bag – 0.77kg
All pots not including bag – 0.74kg

Frying pan – 0.15kg
Frying pan with lid – 0.24kg

1400ml saucepan – 0.21kg
1400ml saucepan with lid – 0.30kg

900ml saucepan – 0.17kg
900ml saucepan with lid – 0.29kg

2 x cups – 0.05kg
Individually – 0.03kg
Drop test

We tested by dropping the pans onto a hard and grass ground
Passed – No damage.

I was expecting the handles to break from the higher height, considering how flimsy they feel.

No dents, although they will weaken and damage as they deteriorate over time and usage.
Packing for transport or storage

Tested to see if there was a set way to pack all of the items together.
Passed – Very quick to pack and a large bag, so no struggles trying to place back inside.

If the small saucepan lid is placed face up, the large saucepan lid will not side securely.

Packing order

The frying pan is the base for packing.
The small saucepan sits inside of the large saucepan, including the 2 cups.
The small lid sits upside down onto the small saucepan and the large cover onto the large saucepan.
Lastly, the large saucepan is placed onto frying and packed into the bag supplied.
Testing of Vango 2 Person Non-Stick Pan Set

Overall score – 2.5 /5

Who is the Vango 2 Person Non-Stick Pan suitable for?

On average, campers want to travel light, whether backpacking, family holidays, wild or car camping. The Vango non-stick pan unit is a good quality cooking set that will meet the requirements.

But if you want a cooking set that can cope with large groups or family camping, this set is unsuitable, especially if you are not using any other form of cooking such as BBQ or fire pit.

The set is ideal for just one person or two, travel light and have minimal transport space. They fit snugly into a backpack or if camping using public transport.

Related questions

Can you use normal pots and pans for camping?

On average, families will generally use their household cooking pans. If restricted due to budget or larger groups, camping pans will generally not be large enough or able to withstand the larger cooking quantities.
Using pans from home, they are reliable, solid but are bulky to transport. It is impossible to condense in size, so this may limit the number of coolings pans taken.

Are alluminium pans good for camping?

Aluminium pans are ideal for camping as they are lightweight and cheap to purchase. Whilst cooking, they have good heat distribution but do not retain heat after removing from a stove. Non-anodised aluminium pans tend to deteriorate quickly and leave a metallic taste after cooking acidic foods.


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