Why we love to camp in our back garden

During the summer and due to Covid-19 lockdown Nicholas and I found ourselves feeling more and more demotivated. We decided to change things around; instead of looking at four concrete walls, we started camping in our back garden.

Camping in your back garden is fun and gives you a change of scenery at night, even though you are still at home.  It adds fun, not only pitching a tent but having fun and games inside during the evenings, creating a whole new experience to camping.

Why should you camp in your back garden in warmer weather?

For everybody during 2020, time dragged, becoming very hard to have something to look forward too. Everybody was allowed an hour’s exercise a day and trips’ to the shops for the main essentials.

It became very boring, we both needed something to look forward to during the weekends. Not only did we needed to step back from the stress of the whole Covid-19 situation, homeschooling and working from home. So setting up camp in our back garden was an ideal thing to do.

Providing an experience for Nicholas

When we go away camping, we will use our large Outwell Escalon 5 tent. For weekend camping trips, we have a small dome tent Ozark Trail 4 person dome tent.

For our back garden camping experience, we decided to use our Ozark Trail dome tent. Thankfully, Nicholas set up our camp all by himself. Not only did I not have to pitch our tent and have a but if quiet time, but it is also confidence building and gives him a sense of achievement.

Nicholas needed to have fun and good memories during our 2020 lockdown. It was important that he did only remember the sad parts and missing all of his friends.

Leaving your child to pitch your tent

When you have a small tent, children will have no problem with pitching the tent themselves. The first time we pitched our dome tent Nicholas and I did do it together. This time Nicholas was able to do it all himself leaving me very impressed.

There was an ulterior motive for Nicholas setting up our mini dome tent by himself. Because when we can book our mini weekend camping trips again, this will be Nicholas’s job. Giving me time to set the rest of the camp up.

Back garden camping tea time

We love BBQ, and it is a lot easier when you are at home, especially when you have everything to hand. 

There are no worries about burgers defrosting, creating a nightmare to cook, and being able to keep your food nice and fresh in your fridge, is great.

For me, a traditional BBQ in your back garden is the ideal opportunity to teach Nicholas how to light a BBQ safely. I felt that I had more control over the situation than showing Nicholas whilst we were away on a camping trip.

Time to cook our evening dessert S’mores

I have never heard or tasted S’mores, but Nicholas cooked them whilst he was away on a cubs’ camping trip.

To make S’mores, all is:

  • Two digestive biscuits (plain or chocolate)
  • Large marshmallow
  • A BBQ or a gas stove in your kitchen

Ideally, not a wooden one as we had. I have purchased a more safe set of cooking prongs which extends depending on the distance you want your child to be from a fire pit or a BBQ.

Time to chill and setting into our night camping in our back garden

After all the hassle of pitching our tent, cooking tea, we settled in for the night. Typical British weather, just as we settled into our nice warm, snug, tent the heavens opened, hammering down. Thankfully we had no water leaks.

We settled down to watch a Netflix movie on our Ipad and several games of chess. Our camping light was buried deep in our garage so I decided to use a white globe light.

Because we were camping in the middle of the summer, and the heavens opened it was still very hot in our tent. But it was fun, which is the most important part of camping in your back garden.

Unfortunately, our camping in the garden was cut short very quickly. Early in the morning, not only did the heavens open again, we had a massive thunderstorm. We quickly decided to move our camping night into our lounge, hoping we could get back to sleep.


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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