Sit, rest, and more: 11 Multi function of camping stools

Different purposes for camping stools

When you think of camping stools, the first image that probably comes to mind is a simple seat by the campfire. While that’s certainly one of their primary uses, camping stools have evolved into versatile and multi-functional companions for outdoor enthusiasts.

Here are a few ideals for on how you can use your multi functional camping stools.

1 – Place to Sit: Obvious function

The obvious usage of a camping stool is for sitting. Not only are they ideal for sitting around a campfire, but they are ideal for day trips, festivals and wild camping.Their lightweight design makes them easy to carry, and their compact size won’t take up much space in your rucksack or car.

2 – Elevate your outdoor dining experience with camping stools

Dining in nature is an amazing excitable experience. But without a table it can be a nightmare. Especially if you have younger children or cannot reach the ground sufficiently.  That is where camping stools come into their own and can help to make your outdoor dining experience more enjoyable.

  • Sitting low and comfortable – Camping stools bring you closer to the ground, making it easier to balance your plate on your lap. No more awkward, unbalanced meals, sit back, relax, and enjoy your food.
  • Stool as table – Opt for a dual-purpose setup by using one camping stool as your seat and another as a table.
  • Picnic blanket pairing –  For the ultimate dining comfort, pair your camping stool with a picnic blanket. With this combination, you get the best of both worlds – the insulation of a blanket against the cold ground and the convenience of a stool as your table.

3 – Reaching new heights: How camping stools elevate your outdoor experience

One of the main issues I have is limited height. Whether you are setting up a tent, attaching the sleeping pod inside or arranging your tarp using the natural environment, Limited height can be a hindrance. Camping stools provide that extra boost you need. 

  • Elevation advantage – They provide the extra height required to tackle tasks that would otherwise be out of reach. From pitching a tent to securing a tarp using natural elements. Camping stools are an essential addition to your camping gear.
  • Stability is vital – It is crucial to consider their stability. Ensure you choose a stool that’s not only tall but also sturdy. Look for features like reinforced legs and a stable base to keep you secure while reaching those high areas.
  • Weight capacity – Different camping stools have varying weight capacities. Make sure to select one that can safely support your weight, along with any gear or equipment you might be carrying.
  • Choosing the right stool – Camping stools come in various styles and designs, each catering to different needs. So, pick a stool that aligns with your specific requirements. Whether it’s a folding stool, a telescopic design, or any other type, choose the one that best suits your adventure.

4 – Your portable workstation

Space can be precious during camping trips, especially when transporting.  That is where camping stools come to the rescue as a handy portable worktop. They provide a versatile and convenient solution for various tasks.

  • Meal prep made easy – A camping stool is a quick and easy solution to adding additional food prep areas. All you need to do is place a breadboard or a solid piece of wood to create a level working area. You can prepare food whilst enjoying time with your family.
  • Support your Stove – Keep your stove off the ground with the help of a camping stove. Make sure it is stable and a solid surface. Ideally place some fire retardant cover underneath to prevent accidents..
  • Multi-tasking – They are more than a camping stool. My son enjoys crabbing and often uses his stool as a table for repairing his net in the evening. It offers a stable work area, and perhaps more importantly, it prevents items from mysteriously disappearing 

5 –  Your gear’s guardian against  dirt

The last thing you want during a camping trip is to place your dirty shoes or rucksacks directly on the tent floor or inside a vehicle without proper ground cover. Dirt, mud, and moisture can sneak inside, making cleaning a chore and potentially affecting other items. 

When you are out and about and need a dry surface to store your rucksack, camping stools are the perfect.. They provide a clean, elevated space where your gear stays safe from the elements.

6 – Not just for sitting, but for extra storage

Some camping stools are designed with a storage capacity underneath the seating or small pocket on the side.

  • Under seat storage – Some camping stools are designed with a storage facility underneath the seat offering various possibilities.  With an insulated lining, turning it into a passive coolbox. It is not effective enough as a hard-shell coolbox but ideal for keeping your lunch and drink cool with the use of a pre frozen ice block.
  • Side pockets – Handy side pockets similar to camping chairs. Give you a safe area to store your mobile phone and any small essential items.

7 – Your multi-purpose companions around the campfire

Camping stools are ideal companions around the campfire if you do not have much space.

  • Dual functional side table – If you are struggling for space around the campfire with no room for a table, stools are an excellent addition to your campaign gear. They fit snugly between chairs so you have a safe area to place drinks, snacks and lighting you area with a lantern.
  • Comfortable campfire seating – Camping stools are an excellent addition without using much space around a campfire, so you can roast your marshmallows and enjoy the warmth of the flames.

8 – The perfect fishing partner

For avid anglers like Nick, camping stools are a must-have when visiting campsites with fishing opportunities. Nick can spend hours sitting by the water’s edge, waiting patiently for the fish to bite. The comfortable seating provided by the stool ensures that fishing remains an enjoyable and relaxing pastime.

Because camping stools are portable and lightweight, Nick can easily change locations without calling for help and disturbing others in the area.

9 – Keeping your gear dry

Camping often means a lack of facilities to keep your belongings off the ground and dry. This can be a real frustration. That is where camping stools come to the rescue, making them your ideal shower companion.

You can place your clothes and footwear on top of the stool, ensuring they stay nice and dry. No more soggy clothes or damp shoes during your camping trip. .

10 – Your perfect footrest

Camping often means dealing with chilly ground and the discomfort of aching feet after a day filled with activities. When the ground feels cold and you have aching feet, camping stools are a quick and easy solution. By elevating your feet off the ground you will instantly feel relief and can relax.

11 – Bedside tables for easy access to essentials

Camping stools play a crucial role in keeping your essentials close at hand, just like bedside tables at home. Here’s how they make your camping nights more convenient:

By placing spare camping stools in the sleeping areas, you create practical bedside tables. They serve as a safe spot to keep your torch, phone, keys, and other essential items within easy reach. This arrangement ensures that you won’t fumble around in the dark, disturb your family, or risk losing your belongings during the night.

Key Takeaway

  • Camping stools are versatile due to their different uses
  • Ideal for additional seating for unexpected guests
  • When buying a camping stool look for additional usage not just for sitting
  • Always consider safety aspects such as stability and weight limits

If you find camping stools less to your liking and desire more comfortable seating, camping chairs may be the ideal choice. However, it’s essential to understand that there are various styles of camping chairs, and the comfort they offer can vary depending on where you plan to use them. For example, the camping chair you’d prefer for a leisurely campsite stay might differ from what’s suitable for wild camping. Read our article to explore the pros and cons of different camping chairs and make an informed choice based on your specific camping needs.

Related questions

Camping stools: How to use safely

Safety is vital when using camping stools as due to the designs you can easily hurt yourself.

  • Stability – All ensure your stool is stable before using. Check the ground to establish that the stool will not tip over easily. Press down on the seating and see if it tips easily before sitting down.
  • Weight capacity – Check the maximum weight for the stool. The camping stool can collapse easily and may harm you.
  • Set up correctly – Before using, always read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure it is set up correctly. If the legs are not set up correctly it can collapse.
  • Height – Check that the height of the stool is suitable for you. If it is too high you cannot keep yourself stable. Or it is too low, it will be uncomfortable and your back may hurt over time.
  • Suitable ground conditions – If the ground is soft, part of the stool legs may sink, making it not suitable to use. Look for solid even ground and remove any debris that can potentially cause issues.
  • Maintenance – Always check for signs of wear and tear. This will include joints, frayed material. You may need to tighten screws as they will become loose with continuous usage.

Creative camping seating: Make the most of your natural surroundings

A main aspect of camping is embracing the natural environment. One way to do that is by using your surroundings to create comfortable seating around a campfire.

Logs and tree stumps are excellent options. Logs can be moved, with some assistance, to encircle your campfire. As for tree stumps, due to their weight, you can incorporate them into your seating arrangement by placing your firepit nearby.

Rocks are another choice, although they may be heavy to lift. Select rocks that can be grouped together to form a stable and flat seating surface.

You can also use your environment to create a makeshift backrest by stacking logs or rocks. To enhance comfort, consider adding cushions or blankets.

When crafting seating from logs, stumps, or rocks, always ensure that your seats are stable before using them. Keep an eye out for sharp objects or uneven terrain that could pose a risk to your seating arrangements.


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