41 Awesome camping gift ideas

Best camping gifts

The best way to ensure your loved ones get the perfect gift is to buy them something they would use. This will ensure that they don’t just receive a present, but a useful item too.

We have put together 41 of our top gift recommendations: useful, fun and quirky.

1 – S’mores toasting hamper – £12.75 per person

Smores making kit for one – credited BRHampersCo
  • Pick from a selection of chocolate – Kinder or Dairy chocolate
  • Marshmallows and butter biscuits included
  • Optional gift wrapping – free of charge
  • Other kits available (Popcorn, crunchie, cookies and Nutella)
  • Liquid fuel is supplied and sufficient for several nights of s’mores.
  • It is an excellent gift if you want to make s’mores inside. However, care needs to be taken as an open flame.
  • Available from Etsy

2 – 15x Stormproof matches – £4.99

Handy tin of waterproof and windproof matches. Supplied in a decorative, waterproof tin that can be used continuously to keep matches dry. They have a 10-second high flame and will stay light even when wet. They can be a bit awkward to light as they feel bulky compared to everyday matches. The box contains a striker on the base and along the side, and you do need to strike with more pressure than in standard matches. Available from Etsy and Amazon.

3 – Wine bottle cooling bag – £6.70

  • Reuseable wine cooling bags
  • Ideal for warm nights
  • Gel-filled
  • It can be flat-packed when not in use.
  • Handles to you can carry or hang easily
  • It can hold one wine bottle or two cans of beer.
  • Rapid freezing
  • Available from Amazon
Wine cooling bag – freezable

4 – Personalised corkscrew – £9.99

Handmade personalised corkscrew with a rosewood handle and holster for storage. Different font sizes and up to 20 characters are available, ideal for adding a personal message. The corkscrew is stainless steel with a brown PU leather pouch. Overall size is 12cm x 3m, and a weight of 100g. Easy to pop into your pocket for safekeeping. Available from Etsy, 99p for delivery and, on average, 5 days for dispatching.

5 – Beanie hat with built-in light – £9.99

Beanie hat with rechargeable light
  • Beanie hat with built-in light
  • Three different light settings adjust by pressing the button
  • Rechargeable with min USB
  • Charge lasts up to 8 hours, depending on usage
  • Beanie is washable
  • Light is removable
  • Available in different colours
  • It can be charged from a mobile phone
  • Available on Amazon

6 – Funny camping socks for men – £7.99

Funny camping socks for men or teenage buys. & different colours mixed with camping tent, mountains and ‘rather be camping’ on the base. Cotten thermal socks are ideal for evenings around the campfire. Available from Amazon.

7 – Marshmallow firepit roasting sticks – £8.99

  • Pack of 8
  • Extendable roasting sticks with a fork prong
  • Excellent for marshmallow roasting around a fire pit
  • 8 different colours, blue, pink, orange, red, purple black and green
  • Heat resistant with wooden handle
  • Rust and stain proof
  • Pouch supplied for storage
  • Available from Amazon

8 – Personalised camping mug – £9.00

White enamel mug with a picture of a tent. Two different designs are available for males and females. Ideal gift for kids as you can personalise it by adding their names. It makes a great keepsake for kids and stops squabbles over who has their mug. Ideal for sitting around the campfire at night, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. Available from Etsy.

9 – Funny bring me wine socks – £5.99

Novelty Bring me Wine socks
  • Funny ‘Bring me wine ‘socks
  • One size fits all
  • Anti-slip base
  • Fleece material makes them cosy for cold nights
  • Ideal gift for mum, sister or friend
  • Packaged nicely like a cupcake
  • They make an ideal stocking filler
  • Available from Amazon

10 – Personalised torches – £9.50

LED camping torches are ideal for kids. They are lightweight and not bulky to hold and fit snugly in your pocket as they are only 8.5cm long. Pushbutton on/off located at the end of the torch. Supply a name and have it engraved on the side. It is supplied with 3 x AAA batteries and is in a black gift box. Many colours to choose from, black, red, orange, green, silver and many more. Available from Etsy.

11 – Camping keep calm survival kit- £12.99

  • Fun survival kit
  • Contains tea, a toothpick, a lollipop, marbles, an elastic band, a spare fuse, soap, a jigsaw, cli[s, a hair net and many more joke items.
  • Waterproof tin, ideal for recycling when finished
  • Great joke gift for a partner or dad
  • Available from Amazon
Calm and Survival Kit

12 – Portable fire pit – £12.63

A collapsable, compact, lightweight fire pit made from stainless steel is ideal for transporting if space is limited. It takes about 3 minutes to set up, although it can be difficult initially, with a fine mesh to hold your wood or charcoal. It makes a great gift for somebody who loves fire pits and is suitable for family or wild camping. It comes with a carry case and fireproof gloves and is available from Amazon. To protect the ground, you must purchase a fire retardant mat underneath the fire pit.

13 – Adventure scrapbook – £10.99 – £19.99

Adventure scrapbook
  • DIY scrapbook to record all of your memories
  • Available in 3 different option and include additional items depending on purchase.
  • It can hold up to 160 photos
  • Includes pens, stickers and photo holders
  • Includes scissors for option 3
  • Postcards are also included
  • Available from Esty and Amazon

14 – 5 pcs kitchen gadget – £13.99

Space-saving 5 pcs kitchen set, including cheese grater, grinder, pizza cutter, peeler and bottle opener. Securely fixed together and stackable to save space. Ideal stocking fillers for camping trips as they do not take up much space and are very handy. Available from Amazon.

15 – ThermARest Compressible Pillow – £29 – £41.44

  • Lightweight, comfortable pillow
  • No more taking pillows from home
  • ideal for family or wild camping
  • Not inflatable
  • Available in 3 sizes small, medium and large
  • Compresses down for transporting and reducing space
  • Inside upcycled foam
  • Cover recycled polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Available from Amazon
ThermARest Compressible Pillow

16 – Portable milk whisk – £11.99 – £13.99

Great gift for latte lovers. It can also make milkshakes or milky hot chocolate around the campfire at night. Hand-held whisk, simple to use. It takes about a minute of whisking for frothy milk. It does need 2 x AA batteries. which are not included. Available from Amazon. However, prices vary depending on colour selection.

17 – Camera lens travel mug – £14.99

Thermal cameral lens travel mug
Thermal camera lens travel mug
  • Thermal travel mug
  • A design like a camera lens with a lid to avoid spillage
  • Ideal gift for a budding photographer.
  • Capacity 350ml
  • Can sip from the lid
  • Quirky gift
  • Very realistic
  • Available from Amazon

18 – Citronella Candles – Pack of 8 – £13.99

Citronella is well known for keeping bugs at bay. These mini 80g candles are inside mini buckets to a height of 4.5 cm. They do not take up much room space and can easily be tucked away in a rucksack pocket. They have a strong smell, last about 14 hours each and a great to provide extra light outside while you are eating, as well as keep insects away. Available from Amazon.

19 – Instant hand warmer and 9000mAh powerpack – £24.99

  • Rechargeable via USB Port
  • Three colours are available – black, pink, and turquoise.
  • Mouse design
  • It fits snuggly in your hand.
  • It can be used to charge phones, Ipads and lanterns.
  • Instant heat, great for cold nights
  • Great for wild camping
  • 3 different temperature levels – 35-42℃; 40-48℃; 48-55℃
  • Available from Amazon
Balhvit hand warmer and power pack

20 – 20 psc BBQ Utensils Set with Storage Case – £24.99

Keeping all of your BBQ utensils together when camping can be a nightmare. This 20-piece BBQ set is ideal for use during your camping trip or at home. Not only does it have the standard BBQ utensils, but it also has a thermometer for checking meat is cooked correctly. Stainless steel skewers, corn racks and a silicone brush are all contained in an aluminium box. Available from Amazon.

21 – Small cast iron camping cooker – £33.99 – £49.99

Small cast iron potatoes baking cooker
  • Ideal for cooking directly on an open fire
  • It can be used to cook on top of a wood burner.
  • Creates crispy baked potatoes
  • It can be used to cook other small foods, like chicken sections
  • Approximately two hours for large potatoes
  • Available from Amazon and Etsy

22 – Portable spice rack – £22.99

Ideal gift for somebody who loves to cook. The portable spice rack comes with 8 basic herbs and cooking oil and can be refilled easily when finished. It is a hard case with a carabiner clip to keep it closed securely. It is very well made and thought out as it has everything you need to create tasty food while you are away or keep safe in your campervan. No more spilt herbs on the floor. Available from Etsy.

23 – Quechua Inflatable Bed Base – £69.99 – £74.99

  • Great if you are sleeping more than a few nights
  • As comfy as your bed at home
  • Inflatable with support slats
  • Dimenions 200 x 70 x 25 cm
  • Weigh 3.8 kg
  • Packs down for transporting
  • It can be attached to a similar bed base.
  • 5-year warranty
  • compatible with sleeping mattresses us to 70cm in width
  • Only available from Decathlon
Quechua Inflatable camping bed base

24 – Ridgemonkey – £19.99

If you know somebody who loves cooking over a campfire or a stove, the Ridgeway Monkey is a great addition. It can be used for making tasty toasties, baked potatoes, and cooking meat and veg in one pan. The Ridgeway Monkey can be split into two sections so you can cook separately or join and turn it into a mini stove. There are several different sizes. The standard is only suitable for two slices of bread, or the XL, you can cook a full meal in one pan.

Available on Amazon Ridgeway Monkey XL, Standard Ridgeway Monkey or Ridgeway Steamer.

25 – Wild camping fun guide book – 12.99

Wild camping guide book
  • Fun bedtime ready
  • Good and bad points of wild camping in the UK
  • Based on experience
  • How to enjoy wild camping on a low budget
  • Wild camping law
  • Lots of useful information to help start wild camping
  • Amazing photos of idyllic places to visit
  • Available from Amazon

26 – Jackery 240- Silent generator – £259.99

A Jackery is a great wait to camp with the benefit of home. It’s a silent generator and can be charged by mains, car charger or solar panels. A jackery is the ideal way to camp without electricity, as you can charge mobiles, laptops, TV, Ipads, mini fridge, and use it to boil a kettle with the standard explorer 240. More powerful models can be used to cook, such as a grill and pressure cooker. They are available from Amazon and Jackery.

27 – Solar Charger 26800mAh Power Bank – £33.99

  • Portable power bank
  • Up to 7 days of power
  • 2 USB, mini charge and wireless charge points
  • Recharge by PowerPoint or solar charge
  • Built-in torch
  • It can charge phones, Ipads
  • Great gift for somebody on the move or remote camping
  • Available from Amazon
Solar Charger 26800mAh Power Bank

28 – Emergency 3-in-1 survival kit – £45.98

Compact survival kit for dads for those camping emergencies. Includes wire saw emergency foil, multi hatchet, flint rod, parachute cord, whistle, bandages and many more items. Ideal for somebody who loves to get back to basics and wild camping. Available from Amazon.

29 – Happy camper cushion – £8.53

Comical camping cushion
  • An ideal gift for a wine lover
  • Pillow case only
  • Dimension 18 x 18 cm
  • Made from breathable cotton
  • Zip closure
  • A brilliant addition to a tent or a campervan
  • Available from Amazon

30 – Hi-Gear Tripod BBQ – £30

The tripod BBQ is a simple BBQ and can also be used over a firepit. Simply remove the BBQ charcoal pit and cook over an open flame. Dimensions are 86 x 182 x 51 cm, and made from alloy steel. Makes a great addition to a family camping holiday. Available from Amazon and Go Outdoors.

31 – Hand crank and Solar radio and power bank – £39.99

  • Compact radio that has lots of handy features
  • Portable radio, alarm clock and power bank 5000 mAh 
  • Chargeable by solar power or crank charge
  • SOS alarm
  • LED Torch
  • Radio stations FM and AM
  • Weather warnings for emergency radio channel
  • Available from Amazon
Hand crank and solar radio and power bank

32 – Dinosaur torch headset for kids – £14.44

A dinosaur head torch is a fun stocking or birthday gift for kids. Not only is it handy, but your kids will have fun and stop hunting around for the torches during the night. It has four settings: strobe, constant light, roar sounding and on/off switches. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained at night. The headband is stretchable, and it is available in green and pink. Available from Amazon.

33 – Personalised coffee maker and mug set – £29.99

Coffee maker and mug set
  • Quaint coffee maker set
  • Ideal for campervan lovers
  • 2 enamel mugs
  • 2 coasters
  • Coffee maker
  • Can personalise
  • The coffee maker makes up to 3 cups
  • Gift wrapped
  • Available from Amazon

34 – Hanging Toiletry Bag – £14.99

Keep all toiletries together, and no more trying to find a dry place for them whilst you shower. 3 main compartments, and one section area with 3 different pockets. Hanging hook and foldable so it can be zipped closed easily for carrying. There are different colours: orange, black, turquoise, and blue and two different sizes. Made from waterproof fabric with a lifetime guarantee. Available from Amazon.

35 – Mini pan fire anchor – £38.50

  • A lightweight forged steel mini pot holder
  • Total height 70cm but divided into two for ease.
  • The first section is 35 cm, and the second section is 45 cm
  • The hook arm has welded notches to hold utensils
  • The second section arm is suitable for a frying pan
  • Total weight 1 kg
  • Handmade to order from Etsy.
Mini pan fire anchor – credited TJMMetalworkLtd

36 – Shower button stopper – £3.50

One of the handiest gifts for anybody who is using campsite shower facilities. This is a quirky, underlooked gift as it stops your shower from turning off every few minutes. Simply place the ring over the shower button to keep it on. Available from Etsy. Different colours are available, white, red, pink, black and blue.

37 – Cast iron panini cooker – £32.99

Cast iron panini cooker – credited siliconemoulds
  • Cast iron mini cooker
  • Not just for camping ideal for log burners
  • They can be split into two so you can cook them separately.
  • Both are lightly ribbed, giving grilled markings.
  • Removable handle
  • weight 3 kg
  • Dimensions 18. 5 x 12.5 x 22.5 cm deep
  • Available from Etsy.

38 – Multi-purpose camping lantern – £38.24

The Multi-purpose lantern is rechargeable and can be used as a pendant light in a tent or a table lamp. It has 7 different light settings, low, medium, high, and warm bright light. The lighting is adjustable and has an SOS setting. The lights are split into 4 sections and can be adjusted to help you see. Not only is it a rechargeable lantern, is has a power bank of 10400mAh, which can be used to charge mobiles, Ipads or any other devices via a USB charge point. The charge can last up to 60 hours however it does depend on the power of the light that is used. It is available from Amazon.

39 – Extra wide padded foldable camping chair – £55.99

  • Comfy extra wide camping chair
  • Sturdy supports
  • Mobile phone holder on the side
  • Padded seat to add warmth and comfort
  • Weight support 160kg
  • Folds into a carry bag easily
  • Waterproof materials
  • Carry weight 7.2 kg
  • Available from Amazon
Extra large padded camping chair

40 – Quecha – Inflatable camping mattress – £79.99

One of the most important aspects of camping is a comfortable night’s sleep. The 8cm depth inflatable mattress is comfy and with a thermal rating compatible with season 4. No more feeling the cold from the ground. It is a 1 person mattress that is self-inflating and has an inlet and an outlet valve. The dimension is 200 x 70 x 8 cm, which is ideal for the Quechua inflatable bed base. It condenses down easily into its own carry bag. It is available from Decathlon. The Ultim Comfort mattress can easily be secured and turned into a double mattress in minutes. So no more gaps during the night.

41 – Jetboil Zip Camping Stove – £99

Jetboil Zip Camping stove
  • All-in-one stove for wild or car camping
  • It does not include a gas canister.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • included burner and cooking cup
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Has a built-in windshield, although you may need a more effective one,
  • Available from Amazon.


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