Camping gas stoves: How long will my gas last?

Camping gas

Nothing is more frustrating than going camping and realising you do not have enough gas to make your coffee or cook your meal.

To determine how long your gas will last, divide your gas weight by 2.5g, the average burn time usage per minute. A portable gas stove 220g canister will last on average 1 hr and 28 minutes, whereas a portable 450g cartridge will last 3 hours. However, other factors must be considered, such as burn level, stove Kw and the number of burners in use simultaneously.

You can judge how much gas a canister leaves by weight and shaking. However, this will not help ensure you have sufficient gas to last for your trip.

How long does gas last on a camping stove?

The length of time your gas canister lasts depends on different factors

  • Kw of stove
  • Number of burners
  • Heat control – high or low
  • Weather conditions

We have based our calculations on experience and, on average, 150g of fuel burned per hour. It means that 2.5g of gas is burnt per minute of usage for a single burner stove.

Using both burners on a double stove and the grill will reduce how long a gas canister or cartridge will last. To have the accurate burn time available, if you have a gas stove with more than one burner, you need to divide the overall burn time by the number of burners in use simultaneously.

Gas CanisterGas weightBurn time per burnerAverage Price of Gas
Campingaz Bayonet Canisters220g1 hour 28 minutesAmazon Pk4 – £9.24 – £2.31 each
Amazon Pk 24 – £36.66 – £1.53 each
Campingaz C206190g1 hour 16 minutesGo Outdoors – £2.40
Winfield’s – £2.50
Amazon – Pk 3 -£8.80 – £2.93 each
Campingaz CV300 Plus Cartridge240g1 hour 36 minutesGo Outdoors – £7.00
Winfield’s – £6.99
Amazon – £34.59 pk 4 – £8.87 each
Campingaz CV470 Plus Cartridge450g3 hoursGo Outdoors – £8.00
Winfield’s – £7.99
Amazon – £34.44 pk 4 – £8.60 each
Campingaz R904 Cylinder1.81Kg / 1810g12 hours 6 minutesPremier Camping – Refill Empty – £17.99

Gas Bottles Direct – Cylinder & refill – £70
Campingaz R907 Cylinder2.72Kg / 2720g18 hours 13 minutesPremier Camping – Refill Empty – £19.95

Gas Bottles Direct – Cylinder & refill – £67.50
Campingaz R901 Cylinder450g3 hoursChorley Bottle Gas –
Colemans C100 Xtreme Gas Canister100g40 minutesAmazon – £8.34
Colemans C300 Xtreme 230g1 hour 32 minutesAmazon – £11.10
Colemans C500 Performance Gas Canister440g2 hour 56 minutesAmazon – Pk 4 £41.99 – £10.50 each
Go System Pierceable Butane Propane Gas Cartridge190g1 hour 16 minutesWinfield’s – £1.99
Go System Powersource Bayonet Gas Cartridge277g1 hour 31 minutesWinfield’s – Pk 4 – £7.99 – £2.00 each
Amazon – Pk 4 – £11.97 – £2.99 each
Go System Powersource Cartridge445g2 hours 58 minutesWinfield’s – £6.99
Amazon – £9.99
Cadac Propane/Butane Gas Cartridge500g3 hours 33 minutesAmazon – £12.70
Outdoor Revolution Iso Butane Fuel Bayonet Gas Cartridge 220g1 hour 28 minutesWinfield’s – £3.99 (pack of 4)
Outdoor Revolution Butane Propane Mix Screw Fit Gas Canister450g3 hoursWinfield’s – £2.99
Florcaz Screw-in Gas Cartridge 100g40 minutesDecathlon – £3.99
Florcaz Screw in Gas Cartridge230g1 hour 32 minutesDecathlon – £4.99
Florcaz Cold Weather Screw-in Gas Cartridge – Extreme Temperatures230g1 hour 32 minutesDecathlon – £6.99
Florcaz Screw-in Gas Cartridge 450g3 hoursDecathlon – £4.99
Jetboil Screw-in Gas Cartridge 100g40 minutesAmazon – £11.98
Jetboil Screw-in Gas Cartridge230g1 hour 32 minutesAmazon – £16.98
Quechua Butane Gas Cartrige220g1 hour 28 minutesDecathlon – £2.99 per can
How long does a fuel canister last using a single-burner stove

What is the best boil time for a gas stove?

How quickly 1 litre of water takes to boil depends on the power of the stove and weather conditions. Boiling water from a room temperature of 20°C / 68°F, a 2200w gas stove takes a minimum of 3.10 minutes, whereas a 2300w stove will take a minimum of 3.45 minutes.

A coffee mug holds 350 ml, just under 1/3 of a litre. One litre of water takes an average of 3.10 minutes. Potentially just 350ml of water can boil in just over 1 minute.

The best boil time for a single camping stove is the Outwell Appetizer Solo at 3.10 minutes. However, if it is windy, you can expect to add another 2-3 minutes on top. It allows for an uneven heat source and having to relight your stove because it has blown out like any camping stove. It does not matter how good a windshield is; it cannot always protect your stove against the wind.

How to reduce your gas usage?

To reduce gas usage, especially when using a 220g gas canister, you can save gas by not removing it from the portable stove. As you unlock and lock it back in place, you can hear a hiss of gas being released. It is not a great deal of gas and will not make a massive difference.

On average, a mug of coffee holds 350ml of water. To reduce time and waste gas, only fill your kettle with the amount of water you will use. It is the same if you are boiling pasta or rice, but place a lid on your saucepan to retain heat.

If you have precooked frozen food to cook. Allow food to defrost before cooking if possible. This will reduce the time you will need to use your stove.

For safety reasons, I will always continue to remove gas from my stove after using it. I prefer to be safe rather than worrying about losing a minimal amount of gas when removing.

If you are unsure what type of fuel stove to purchase. Read our article on how to choose a camping stove. We provide in-depth information on gas, electrical stove, and multi-cookers. It is important to decide if you are going to always can with EHU as this will affect the type f stove you buy.

Gas stoves can be expensive especially if you want double burners. It is cheaper to buy two single stoves, considering the gas type, and the size of the gas container. Read our article on the top budget gas stoves, safety aspects per stove, size and weight. Plus the pros and cons of each.

I have a variety of stoves, but I love my multi-cooker as I can easily convert it into an oven. Whereas my gas stove is ideal for summer camping, I prefer my electrical hot plate in the colder season. I feel safer using my electrical stoves near my tent under the shelter and can fully protect the electrical cables.

If you are unsure if gas stoves are for you, or prefer to have both options, you do not need to spend a fortune. If you have air fryer or multi cooker at home you can take these with you. However hot plates are a great addition to a camping kitchen. Read our article on our top electrical cooking stoves you can use for camping that are ideal for a smaller budget.

Related questions

What are single portable gas stoves?

A single portable gas stove is lightweight and has only one burner ring. They use either gas canisters or cylinders that you can easily remove.

There are two types of single burners. One is ideal for family camping, and another is the mini stove for wild camping and backpacking.

For family camping, a compact burner uses 220g canisters secured in a covered area at the side of the burner and locked into place. They have a hard shell case for storing and transporting.

The mini stove is a burner screwed onto a gas cylinder (110g – 450g). They are very compact, lightweight and can easily be placed into the pocket of a rucksack. Well-known brands such as Jetboil have a cooking container attached to the burner,

Single vs double burner camping stoves: Which is best?

Double burner stoves are ideal for cooking if you do not cook using one saucepan. If you need several burners working simultaneously, they are ideal. Buying two single burners is a cheaper option than a double burner. You do not need to worry about refilling the cylinders. Butane 220g gas canisters are more affordable and easier to store and transport.

Some double stoves have a grill underneath the main burners, with separate power control, so they burn separately.

Double gas stoves are larger and generally supplied with a lid with sides to help shield from the wind whilst cooking. However, do not rely on these windshields; use either a windbreaker or a camping kitchen unit with an attachable shield. They require a hose and regulator and cannot be attached to a small 220g canister as a single portable gas stove.

Be careful when purchasing a double stove. Consider the type of gas supply size and connectors, as this will increase the initial purchase price. Some double gas stoves will only be suitable for cylinders, such as Campingaz Elite Camping Chef uses R904 and R907 cylinders. Whereas Campingaz Camping Chef CV Elite, you can you CV470 cartridges.


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