Colemans Classic Awning: Good and bad points

Last year I decided to purchase an awning for our camping trips that were easy to fit, under £100 and would last during different weather conditions.

It can be hard visualising the size of an awning and how big a shelter you will need. I have used traditional tarps in the past, but I have felt frustrated as there never seems to be sufficient coverage. They are ideal for covering the main entrance to stop rain from dripping inside, but not enough if you are camping for more than a few nights as you need that space. It was vital for me to have shelter to store our kitchen unit, plus furniture at night or during the day, especially if it is raining.

On average, an ideal shelter is adaptable to fit all tents design sizes, adjustable to the surrounding environment and conditions. The awning is a tunnel 2000mm white cover that can attach to a tent on either side or front of a tent. A flexible fibreglass pole supports the entrance to the shelter, which is adjustable to the width of a tent. Whilst the main body is laid over a tent, secured by guy ropes.

Who is the Colemans Classic Awning suitable for?

A reasonably priced awning, suitable for use with different tent sizes and designs, either for quick overnight camping trips or family holidays—budget solution for extending living area, cooking and sheltering of bikes and outside furniture. Increase privacy, place windbreakers around the sides, additional protection from sweeping rain. Suitable for car camping offering shelter to boot entrance and confidentiality for the inside of a car due to partial sidings.

Good and bad points of Colemans Classic Awning

Good PointsBad Points
The awning can either cover your tent fully or only partially. Very difficult to put up on your own, as you need to throw the guy lines over the top of your tent and pull the awning over.
No restriction on the tent you use with the awning.Hard to set up in windy conditions.
The fibreglass poles provide a stable archway.Guylines are very long and not of good quality. But can be replaced easily.
Amount of shelter provided, plenty of room to shelter from rain and sunshine.It wasn’t quiet during high wind and did not feel stable.
Shelter about 1/4 of the way down from the ceiling.Replace peg’s as they are of poor quality.
Easy to pack away and compact for transport.
Carry bag supplied
Poles pinned either to an adjustable strap to hold and secure the poles in place.
Good and bad points of Colemans Classic Awning

Testing of Colemans Classic Awning

We completed testing over six months, using three different tent styles, sizes and different weather conditions. I am delighted with my Colesmans Classic Awning. It has solved all of my issues for storing and adding to our living space without taking a sizeable compromising space whilst travelling.

How we testedResultsScore
Packaging away Passed – It isn’t easy to fold due to shape but roll easily into its original bag with poles and pegs.4/5
Passed – Compared to standard tarps, the adjustable length and the 1/4 overhang from the top towards the floor providing some privacy.5/5
During Spring and Summer, we were testing how noisy the awning was.
Passed – The only noise was on a windy evening with winds over 50mph.
The awning needed to be more secure to avoid wind from going underneath.
Reduce the noise of the awning by placing further over the tent’s body.

During typical summer weather, there is no noise.
Withstanding 50mph plus wind

We tested the awning during two nights in high winds.

Only partially over a tent to enable a larger shelter.

Entirely covered a tent with a smaller shelter area.
The larger shelter area – was very loud as the awning slapped against the tent during the night.

I did check several times to make sure that the awning had not split.

Added fibreglass pole to the centre of the original pole, as it was buckling under the strength of the wing.

The reduced shelter area -was more stable, reducing the noise level.

Guy ropes and slider qualityFailed –
We had to reduce the length of the guy lines by knotting. The sliders kept moving and reducing the tautness of the guy lines, which was very annoying.
Pitching the awning

One person on their own – small 2-3 man tent and 5-6 man tent.
Failed – 5 -6 man tent. Very frustrating throwing guy lines over the top of a tent and securing. It was weighty to pull over by yourself.
Need two people to secure an awning to a giant tent.

Passed – 2-3 Peron tent – Much easier to secure awning with a smaller tent providing the tent is not a full standing height tent. It can be pitched on your own, although more difficult if it is windy.

Cleaning and drying
Drying after each camping trip and cleaning.
Passed – Very easy to dry and lightweight and can hang over a watching line or a drying rack inside a home.
If dried inside, it is easy to rotate to ensure it thoroughly dries.

Failed – It is tough to clean, as the material is polyester, and it feels like it will tear easily.

Car camping
We tested on a car camping trip to cover the boot and provide additional privacy.
Passed – Not ideal if you are stealth car camping, but if you are camping on a campsite in a car, it is a great shelter.
Fully covered boot.
Placed over the top of the car quickly and secured.
Partially covered car side windows, although you still need additional cover inside.
The high front section of the awning gives plenty of height for the boot to open without damage.
Testing of the Colemans Classic Awning

Score – 3.5/5

Not for you?

If you are not sure if the Colemans Classic Awning is for you, other options are available. Check out our article on how to expand your tent living areas without spending a fortune.


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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