Glamping: What is it, and what’s included?

Luxury Glamping Pod

Over the past few years, glamping has become more popular and often chosen above a hotel. Glamping offers the opportunity to have a night away in the countryside, enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside. However, there are several different types of glamping, so what is included?

There are two types of glamping, basic and luxury. Basic glamping has beds, electricity and heating and no bedding. However, some basic glamping pods only provide a shell and electricity. There is a shared toilet and shower facility, costing on average £40 per night. Luxury glamping is a fully serviced unit with running water, a toilet, shower, cooking facilities, and bed linen, costing £160 per night.

Glamping has increased in popularity over the past two years, and pods are popping up all over the UK and incorporated into campsites. However, before you book, know what is included in your package.

Why is glamping popular?

Glamping is becoming more popular than booking a hotel room for a few nights. Glamping offers fresh air, privacy, and you have freedom. Many glamping pods have amazing scenic views in the countryside, normally a short drive from fun activities for the family.

It allows families to enjoy the countryside without worrying about pitching a tent. Many glamping pods have hot tubs in their own secluded area. Parents can chill out in the evenings when children have gone to bed.

What are the different types of glamping pods?

There are many different types of glamping pods the most common is a bell tent, teepee or insulated cabin or shepherd hut.

  • Bell tent
  • Yurt
  • Shepherds hut
  • Wood cabin
  • Teepee
  • Treehouse

Glamping pods: What’s included in the cheapest package?

Basic glamping pod
Basic Glamping Pod Layout – Devils Bridge campsite, North Wales

The cheapest glamping pods are the most basic. The standard glamping pods can be wooden huts, canvas tents, and shepherd’s huts, but they will not have a toilet or shower inside. These will be shared facilities on site. You will also need to remember to take linen, sleeping bags, and cooking facilities as they are the basic shell.

The standard glamping pods are typically located on campsites and are rows of pods. They do not offer massive privacy. But for a few nights away, they meet the purpose for the cost. Ideal if you want a reasonable night away in the countryside and are not worried about luxuries.

However, there are two types of glamping pods.

Types of standard glamping pods

Glamping podWhat’s includedAv. cost per night
Standard wooden hut
Fully insulated
Empty shell
Double glazing
Sleeps 4

Picnic bench
Patio area
parking near pitch
Basic wooden hut
Fully insulated
Camping mattress
Free Wifi
Double glazing
Sleeps 4

Picnic Bench
Parking near pods
What is included in basic glamping pods?

We have stayed in basic glamping pods that provided heat, an insulated cabin, and basic bedding. The beds are not suitable for more than a couple of nights. After 2-nights, I started to suffer from backaches, and I used my sleeping bag to provide additional comfort underneath the quilt I took with me.

Glamping pods: What’s included in a luxury package?

bell tent glamping pod
Inside canvas glamping pod – Laurel Park Campsite – Spalding

Luxury glamping pods provide everything you need, although not all will include toilets or a wet room. Due to the increased competition between glamping pod owners, they have evolved into mini hotel rooms. The only difference is that they are in idyllic locations, and you do not need to worry about noisy neighbours.

Canvas glamping pods are normally grouped and not as luxurious as huts. They do not include a toilet or shower, but often they will have their own toilet facilities nearby. You will have to share shower facilities.

Canvas glamping pods are waterproof, and heating will be provided. Either a wood burner or an electrical heater.

Luxury glamping pods normally have a restriction of a minimum of 2 days of booking. Especially if they have a hot tub, this is because of the time it takes to drain down, clean and refill the hot tub so that the correct temperatures of reached before arrival.

I currently work alongside Hollym Leisure, and we provide wooden glamping pods with hot tubs. Before you use the hot tub, make sure that you read the instructions fully and keep the hot tub lid on when it is not in use, as this will keep the temperature. Otherwise, you will find that the heat will escape and have a cold hot tub. Plus, it can burn out the heating element, which is costly to the owners. This may result in a breakage deposit being held if you have been asked for one.

Types of luxury glamping pods

Glamping podWhat’s includedAv Cost per night
Standard CanvasInside
Often sleep up to 4
Storage facility
Bed linen

picnic table

(£140 – -2-nights min)
Wooden Cabin
Shepherds hut
Beds and linen
Sofa bed / Bed
Cooking facilities

Picnic area
(£220 – 2-nights min)
Wood cabin
with hot tub
Beds and linen
Often only sleeps 2
Cooking facilities
Toilet and wet room

Picnic area
Hot tub
Min stay 2 nights
£250 – £280
What’s included in a luxury glamping pod

Glamping pods: Beware of additional fees

Beds and bedding are supplied; however, due to covid, some pods may ask you to bring your own linen.

Due to the increase in popularity, check when you are booking as there may be additional charges. Not everything is included in the price.

Potential additional costs:

  • Bed linen
  • Breakfast
  • Hot tub
  • BBQ Packs and charcoal
  • Additional costs for dogs

How long can you stay in a glamping pod?

Ashbourne woods glamping pod
Standard Glamping Pod – Ashbourne Woods, Devon

Glamping pods are holiday homes, and there is a restriction on the timescale you can stay. However, you can stay for the average holiday period of 7 – 14 days, although it will be expensive. However, if you want to stay for longer than 3 nights, especially in the luxury pods, contact the owner and ask them if they will offer any discounts.

You can book a single night for a standard glamping pod that only supplies a bed base and electricity. There is a minimum booking of 2 nights for luxury glamping pods with all of the facilities.

Glamping pod toilets and shower: Will you pay extra?

Glamping pod Toilets
Glamping Pod Private Toilets – Laurel Park Spalding

You will have to pay extra if you want a glamping pod with a toilet and a wet room. They will not have a bath or a very big bathroom. These glamping pods will cost on average £140 – £250 per night. You are paying for the extra facilities. Although the glamping pod will be fully furnished, you only need to take food.

There may be additional fees for linen.

You will have to share a communal toilet and shower facility in basic glamping pods. These pods normally only supply a bed base and electricity and are priced, considering the lack of facilities.

Related questions

Do glamping pods allow pets?

Not all glamping pods allow pets, although, with the increase of pet owners wanting to enjoy their holidays with their dogs, approximately 80% of pod owners allow dogs.

On average, there is a charge per dog, £15 per stay. However, due to potential damage, a refundable deposit may be required. The reason why that is a charge for pets is to protect against potential damage. Not everybody will care about the glamping pod they are staying in.

People have allowed their dogs to chew and wet inside a pod. If it is a wooden glamping pod, the urine smell is very hard to remove and can be costly.

Why are glamping pods expensive?

Due to the increase in demand, glamping pods have increased in price drastically over the last 2-years. However, even though they have increased in price, they have also increased in quality.

Glamping is high competition, and smaller campsites are adding glamping pods to their grounds. Owners know that to attract customers away from hotels and compete with others, they must improve the quality and facilities. Adding more comfortable bedding and cooking facilities makes the pod feel like a home away from home.


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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