How good are the Highlander and Go System Dynasty II portable gas stoves?

Being able to produce quick and easy meals whilst camping is essential for us. We prefer to explore and enjoy the outdoors rather than cooking. BBQ takes ages to heat, and transporting large gas canisters take up to much space. Plus, there is only two of us, and we do not need a large cooking stove.

Ideal cooking stove for car camping, small groups or using alongside other cooking facilities. Sturdy, easy to use stove providing instant heat, enabling cooking straight away. One cooking ring suitable for small to medium size pans, no larger. Easy fitting butane canister, locks in place for safety.

Who is the portable gas stove suitable for?

The portable gas stove heats instantly, reheating prepared food, cooking from scratch. Suitable for holidays and car camping. One-ring portable stoves are not appropriate for large groups unless you have double or two separate stoves as we do. Having the choice of either one or two stoves is ideal as there are no restrictions, especially if you camp in large and small groups at different times.

The portable gas stoves aren’t suitable for wild camping or hiking, as they are bulky and too weighty to carry around in a backpack. You want something low weight.

Good and bad points of a portable gas stoves

Every stove has its good and bad points, depending on the size, make, and the type of meal you will be cooking. I have been using our portable gas stoves for over three years. They have travelled everywhere with us, only for campsite or car camping trips.

Good PointsBad points
Sturdy carry caseLimited cooking due to one ring
Easy to pack awayNot suitable for large cooking pans
Instant cooking heatCanisters must be disposed of safely – not thrown in the bin
Ignition switchNot suitable for large groups
Butane canister locks in place under a cover for safetyNeed to use with a cooking shield in a slight wind
Lightweight for static camping tripsRemove canister after each cook for safety
Ideal for 1-2 person Not energy-efficient
Suitable for cooking quick, easy food or reheating
Butane cans are small and easy to store when not in use.
Can cook toast easily using a lightweight removable toaster
Adjustable heat control
Butane gas canisters are purchased 4-pack typically. You do not have to take them all camping.
Good and bad points of portable gas stoves

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Testing of Highlander and Go System Dynasty II: Results

We tested the Hylander and Go System gas stove over three months, a total of seven camping trips. These trips were a mixture of 4-5 nights and overnight stopovers.

The result is the same for both, as they are of similar design and purpose.

How we testedResultsScore
Setting up ready for cooking
Installing gas canister
Repacking for transport

Passed – Very quick and straightforward.

Must be removed from carrying case.
It takes a minute to set up – Turn over the cooking hob and insert the butane canister into the storage area lining up with the holder. Lock into place and close.
There will be a quick hiss from the gas canister as you lock into place, but this is normal.

For packing away – Remove the gas canister, replace the lid/cap for storage.
Turn over the hob, secure and place it inside the carrying case.

The hob can only be placed a set way due to two curved corners.


Automatic Ignition
How easy is it to light and reduce heat
Passed – Lit on first ignition and heat level low to high.
To ignite, turn the heat dial until there is no resistance; You will hear a click called the automatic ignition lighter.
I only had to ignite once per lighting during the past three years.
It has not failed once.
Flame Control
Cooking on low heat and increasing to a full heat
Passed – Easily to see heat level, a large dial that you turn displays low to high heat.
Red – high heat
Yellow (amber) – low heat
If you are not familiar with cooking on gas, it can be hard to get used to instant heat.
I did have to check several times on the low setting to make sure there was a flame.
Lighting if automatic ignition no longer works
Tested using matches and candle lighters
Passed – If the ignition switch fails, you can light it with a match or candle lighter.
Ease of cleaning
Cleaning main body and detachable hob
Passed – The detachable hob is removable, allowing ease of cleaning.

Passed – The main body is easy to wipe down but does not fully submerge in water or get the surrounding flame or the ignition section wet as it will affect lighting.

Very easy to clean with a damp cloth after using.
Make sure you dry thoroughly, especially before storing.

Body tinny or solid
Passed – The overall feel of the stove felt solid, and the hob did not move about when placed into position for cooking.
I did doubt how reliable and safe the stoves would be due to their cheapness. I was very impressed.
Cooking pans
Is there size limitations
Passed – restriction on the size of pans you can use. It is essential not to use large saucepans that cover the stove. It May causes the canister to explode.3/5
Additional purchases
How easy are accessories to buy?
Passed – There are not many accessories available. You can buy two types of toasting racks, either a flat pack or a stacked foldable frame.

Heaters that sit on the portable gas stove and heats from the inside. I do feel they are safe due to fumes and potential fire risk.
Testing a portable gas ring stove

Score – 3.7/ 5

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What can i use instead of a toaster when camping?

Toaster for portable gas stove

Toast can be made on portable gas stoves either by laying directly onto the hob or buying accessories. There are two toasters available.

It is excellent for static locations not for backpacking, as they take up too much space in a backpack.

  • Flat toaster
  • Collapsable stack toaster rack

Before using either of the toasting racks, wash thoroughly and allow them to burn in first. It will enable any fumes or chemicals to be burned off before you place the bread onto it.

Type of toasterProsCons
Flat toasterQuick and easy
Handle remains cool to touch
Lays flat on the hob
No more than two slices of bread
Uneven toasting
Rotate bread to avoid burning
The handle does not fold back
Hard to clean
Have to shake any crumbs out as the top cannot be removed
Collapsable stack toaster rackToasts 4 slices at once
Very easy to clean
It fits easily onto the stove
Toasts evenly, although the base is darker
Cannot toast rolls
The bottom of the toast will burn as it is closer to the flame, needs to be rotated fully to avoid
Not easy to fold for packing
Can burn hands easily
Collapse easily if not correctly put together
Pros and cons of portable gas stove toasters


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