Save money – Muc Off Dry Shower Review Recommended

Muc off Dry Shower and Dry Shower in a Can

We have been testing two different dry shower products for the past few weeks, ‘Shower in a Can’ and ‘Muc Off Dry Shower, ’ ready for our camping trips. 

When choosing a dry shower product, an essential factor is staying hygiene and removing dirt without worrying about water facilities access. 

The dry shower we recommend is ‘Muc Off Dry Shower’. It is perfect for us compared to ‘Shower in a Can’ dirt was absorbed more quickly and effectively, leaving a pleasant coconut aroma. It is a 99.9% antibacterial cleaners, vegan-friendly suitable for hands and body, but does not replace a full shower. There was no sticky residue or smears of dirt remaining on your hands after applying, and you can see the dirt lift from your skin. Ideal for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activities.

How we tested Muc Off Dry Shower and Shower in a Can

Muc Off Dry Shower foam

Both Nicholas and myself test ‘Muc Off Dry Shower’ and ‘Shower in a Can’ during different periods. We tested both products during our everyday lives for over two weeks.

They were both tested whilst during our daily dog walks in woodlands and fields, playing fetch, climbing trees, gardening and everyday chores, making sure that we got as dirty as possible.

Why we recommend Muc Off Dry Shower

We tested Muc Off Dry Shower over several weeks – 100ml bottle for only £5.39 (No delivery fee Prime) Amazon – Costs may vary

We recommend ‘Muc Off Dry Shower’ compared to ‘Shower in a Can’ due to these findings:-

  • Only one pump of foam was required to clean stubborn dirt
  • Ideal for cleaning areas such as face, neck, hands, underarms and groin area
  • No reaction against our skin and suitable for all skin types, although it is essential to check the ingredient label before using
  • You could see the detergent removing the dirt from your hands
  • Foam evaporated quickly
  • I did not have to wipe my hands with a towel
  • No sticky residue left
  • The refreshing fragrance of coconut
  • You can monitor the level of liquid left in the bottle compared to Shower in a Can which is a sealed tin
  • Antibacterial solution
  • Suitable for vegans
  • No testing on animals
  • The bottle feels solid and easier to handle
  • Ideal size to sip into a rucksack or standard bag
  • No water needed
  • Ideal for everyday usage, camping, hiking
  • Great if you have children to wipe hands and faces instead of using wet wipes
  • The bottle is be fully recycled
  • Odours caused by germs and bacteria destroyed
  • Cheaper per bottle

Value for money – save money buying Muc Off Dry Shower

We all assume that the more expensive an item is, the better it will be. Surprisingly, it is wrong.

  • Shower in a can – £12.94 (£9.99 plus £2.95 Postage) per 100ml
  • Muc Off Dry Shower – £5.39 per 100ml

Shower in a Can cost £7.55 more than Muc Off Dry Shower and was not as effective. On their website, it states 20 pumps per can, but with our testing, we had to use two pumps to produce the same amount of foam and clean the same area as Muc Off Dry Shower. 

Considering this, you would assume Muc Off Dry Shower is more value for your money as you will not sue as quickly as the Shower in a Can.

Why we do not recommend Shower in a Can

We tested Shower in a Can the same as Muc Off Dry Shower over a two week period. 100ml cost £12.94 (£9.99 product & delivery £2.95) Amazon – Costs may vary

Neither Nicholas nor myself enjoyed using Shower in a Can, although it has the same principles as Muc Off Dry Shower. 

These are the following reasons why we will not purchase again.

  • More foam was required to clean to the same standard as Muc Off Dry shower
  • The foam does not evaporate as quickly
  • Unable to see how much is remaining in the tin, we could only tell by the weight and shaking the can
  • Left a sticky residue on our hands, and we had to wipe off
  • Although fragrant free, some aroma form remains on your hands, but we could not confirm what it was.
  • Slips from your hand if slightly wet
  • We did not feel as clean, but this may be due to having to use more foam, so you will automatically assume it is not as good as Muc Off Dry Shower
  • The lid kept falling off in my bag, so I was always hunting for it. 
  • Overpriced in comparison to Muc Off Dry shower for a product that does not work as good as the cheaper alternative

Shower in a Can has the same antibacterial solution and detergents as Muc Off Dry Shower. Plus, it is suitable for vegans, and the can is recyclable; we did not enjoy using it.

How do dry showers work without water?

As you can see the foam is spread evenly over the hand and gradually dissolving dirt and oils as it evaporates

The dry shower is a very innovative product, and you do not need to combine it with water or wipe it off using a towel or wet wipe.

The foam is a mixture of water and air, no SLS (sodium liquid sulphate), generally used as a foaming agent. The foam contains antibacterial, antiviral soap and detergents. The foam evaporates, lifting the dirt and oils from your hand or body, which dissolves along with the foam.

Can a dry shower replace a shower or bath?

The simple answer to this is no. A dry shower cannot replace a bath or a shower. It is ideal for a quick and easy solution for a couple of days but not over a long time.

It is suitable for keeping clean hands, underarms, face, neck and groin area temporarily. It is still important that you do not rely on the dry shower for full hygienic purposes permanently.

If you are camping, hiking, attending festivals, out for the day with your kids or need to freshen up after sporting activities, then a dry shower is an ideal solution, especially if you do not have access to sufficient cleaning facilities.


Muc Off Dry Shower is ideal way to keep hygienic when you are out and about.

I purchased both products from Amazon, or you can buy them directly from the relevant companies website. ‘Muc Off Dry Shower’ is available from Wilkinson for £5.00 as per their website, but I have not seen it on the shop floor.

We have chosen Muc Off Dry Shower because it suits our needs. We both have sensitive skin, so we must not have reactions against any product we use.

Ideally, we both want to have full showers, but due to the current Covid-19 situation,, there are many restrictions on facilities available. In 2021 we will start our journey wild camping, and there will be no shower facilities available, so it has been imperative to test these products before our new adventures.


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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