Tent Hire – The Ultimate Guide To Family Camping Tents

Hiring a tent for family holidays

Many people want to start their camping journey but are unsure if camping is for them. The cost of a tent can often put people off as they do not want to waste money.

Another option is to consider hiring a tent. What is the cost of hiring a tent, and how does it work?

Hiring a tent is a cheaper option than buying a new tent. A 6-person tent, 7-days, costs £313.60 and a 4-person, £228.60. Not including deposit. On average, there is a minimum of 3-days of hire. They can be collected, delivered, or pitched in advance. For an additional fee, on average, up to a 30-mile radius. Refundable deposits are required, covering repair and damage. Before returning, they have to be cleaned, not with any chemical cleaners. Fees will be incurred if returned dirty.

Tent hire is cheaper; however, you need to consider the pros and cons of hiring a tent. You are liable for the tents’ care whilst in your possession.

What is tent hire, and how does it work?

Tent hire is where you only pay for a tent over the number of days you want to camp. The tents are pre-used, so you will not be hiring a new tent. There are limited styles available. However, the hiring company check and maintain all tents.

Hiring a tent is ideal for camping without worrying about paying a large amount of money for the tent you want. Tents are available for family, festivals and wild camping. Although I would not recommend hiring a small tent for a festival, it will probably be damaged.

The tents will be supplied with all parts, exactly as when you buy new. So you will not need to buy any additional items.

Deposits are required in case there are any damages. Only refunded after the tent has been checked and confirmation of no damage or missing parts. You may have to pay additional fees if there is a lot of damage.

Tents are booked online or in-person if they have a retail store. In-store hire will allow you to walk around and have a good look to confirm what you need. Payment is not always required in full, although it does depend on how quickly you need the tent. Tents can be collected in person or a transportation fee charged for delivery and return—either a 48 hr or 24 hr delivery service. The price will increase for a more urgent delivery requirement.

How much does it cost to hire a tent? Is it cheaper to buy new?

It is cheaper to hire a tent if you are camping for the first time or only once per year. Tents are the most expensive equipment you will need to buy.

Here is a table showing the hidden hire costs and what you expect to pay for a 7 -day holiday.

Hire of family tents compared to buying a new tent UK

Suitable forTent nameTent main SpecificationCost for 7 days hire Incl VATRefundable DepositTo buy New
FamilyColeman® Mackenzie 6Steel Poled
Split bedroom
Pitched 6m x 3.20m
HH 4500mm
Weight: 35.5kg
Pitch as one
Rain skirt

Not including Deposit

Including Return postage
£100 Missing parts/repairs

£50 Missing parts/repairs
FamilyColeman Fastpitch Air Valdes 6XlAir
Blackout Split bedroom
Pitched 7.4m x 4.4m
HH 4500mm
Weight: 30.5kg
Pitch as one
Rain skirt

(Not including Deposit

Including Return postage
£100 Missing parts/repairs

£50 Missing parts/repairs
FamilyColeman Oak Canyon 4Poled
Split bedroom
Pitched 4.8m x 2.8m
HH 4500mm
Weight: 18.5kg
Pitch as one
Rain skirt

Not including Deposit

Including Return postage
£100 Missing parts/repairs

£50 Missing parts/repairs
FamilyVango Edoras 500XL Airbeam Tent – 5Air
Split Bedroom
Weight: 28.3kg
HH 5000mm
Pitched 6m x 3.7m
Pitch as one
Rain skirt

Collect only
£200 Refundable deposit£599
FamilyVango Rivendale 800XL – 8Air
Split bedroom – 6
Separate bedroom – 2
Weight: 35.75kg
HH 5000mm
Pitch as one
Rain skirt

Collect only
£200 Refundable deposit£948

Tent hire: Add a couple of days hire either side of your holiday

Hire a tent and have it delivered and collected from your door

Always add an extra couple of days on either side of your holiday. Not only will you ensure your tent arrives in time, but it also allows you to pitch at home and check for any missing parts or damage. If there are any missing parts, you can contact the hiring company or photograph any damage you find. Otherwise, you will be charged on return.

The collection of the tent will be on the last day of hire. If you off-hire your tent the same day as your holiday finishes, you may miss the collection time slot from your home. Adding an extra day of hire will avoid any problems. Plus, it will allow you the time to dry and clean the tent before handing it back.

Why do you need to clean a hired tent before you return it?

Cleaning a hired tent without using chemicals

Yes, you have to clean a hired tent before you return it. Tent hire companies request that you don’t clean the tent with chemical cleaners. Tent hire companies want the tent to be cleaned of any debris and wiped clean with normal water and a soft sponge.

The areas you will need to clean are the underside of the groundsheet, rain skirts and around any entrances. These are the main areas where dirt or mud collects.

Pros and cons of hiring a tent?


  • Save on storage space
  • No maintenance costs
  • Some companies will pitch for you for an additional fee
  • Ideal if you only camp once a year
  • Great for a first-time camper
  • Test run a tent first before buying
  • Save money
  • Not just for family camping


  • Limitations of tent style and design
  • Unfamiliar with the tent for pitching
  • You need to plan ahead and hire in advance
  • Relying on the hiring company to maintain the tent for hygiene and repairs
  • You will need to pay for repairs
  • It can be damaged easily if care is not taken
  • Have to pay for additional hire to cover delivery and collection

Can you hire a tent and have it pitched for you?

If you are not confident about pitching a tent, especially if it is your first time, some companies do provide a service, including pitching. However, there will be a restriction on the distance they will travel. On average, it is a 30-mile radius from their central location.

Fees will vary per company.

Where can you hire tents from?

Shop around for the best deal that suits your budget. Not all companies are cheaper than buying a new tent.

Here are a few hire companies that are worth checking out.


  • Individual hire but not a great deal of selection
  • Aimed more for the hiring of large quantities of tents
  • Minimum 3-days hire
  • Deposit £200 – £100 paid on ordering balance due prior tent delivery)
  • Deposit paid after 5 working days once the tent is checked for damage or missing parts
  • Click and collect or delivery service
  • Tent delivery or collection on specific days depends on the tent
  • Location West Sussex

Tent2Rent delivery costs for hire on tents

Zones for deliveryDelivery PostcodeDelivery and collections fees
Zone 1BN1,3-6,11-18,41-45,  GU1-8,26-30, KT18-24, PO18-22, RH1-6,10-17,20£17 Delivery
£17 Collection
Zone 2BN2,7-10, BR1-8, CR0-8, DA1-18, GU9-25,51-52 ,KT1-17, SL5, RH7-9,18,19£22 Delivery
£22 Collection
Zone 3SE2-10,12-28£27 Delivery
£27 Collection
Zone 4E1,EC1-4, NW1, SE1&11, W1, WC1-2,£32 Delivery
£32 Collection
Delivery costs per postcode for Tent2Rent

Pitching of tent: Cost and distance of travel

Pitching areasPostcode for pitchingCost to pitch a tent
Pitching 1BN44,GU6,28, RH11-14,20,Free Delivery
Pitching 2BN1,3,5-6,11-18,41-43,45, CR3,5,GU1-5,7,8,26,27,29,30, KT20-24, PO18-22, RH1-10,15-1£12 each way
Pitching 3BN2,7-10, BR2,4-6, CR2,4,6,8, GU9-12,14-18,20-25,51-52 ,KT1-19,SL5, SM1-7,SW19,20, TN1-4,6-11,13,14,16,22£17 each way
Cost and location radius for pitching tents by Tent2Rent


  • Hire individual tents
  • Pitching option within a 30-mile radius
  • £50-£100 deposit required for damage
  • Individual hire but not a great deal of selection
  • Aimed more for the hiring of large quantities of tents
  • Minimum 3-days hire
  • Click and collect or delivery service
  • Contact for a quotation for delivery or pitching of tents

Ready Tent Hire

  • No specific tent
  • Hired-based numbers sleeping in the tent
  • Prices per night average £95 plus
  • Either pitching or hire tent only

Rent a Tent

  • Rent tents already pitched in Europe
  • Either bell tents or lodge tents
  • Locations in holiday resorts
  • Cost depends on the exchange rate – France average 7-night £1050 4-people
  • Tents include cooking facilities, fridge, freezer
  • Sites have toilets, shower facilities

Canva holidays – Overseas tent hire and pitches

  • A mixture of holiday types: Tent, Lodges, Pitches only, apartments
  • Easy to arrange for a pre-pitched tent for overseas
  • Many destinations
  • Holiday parks and facilities available
  • Pitches only from £360 plus depending on location and facilities
  • Tent pitched from £900 plus depending on location
  • You need to make arrangements for transportation
  • Very reasonably priced holiday compared to hotels

Can you hire any other camping equipment?

It is not just tents you can hire. Companies hire camping equipment such as furniture, awnings, small and large tents. However, you can hire a whole camping set-up for your holiday. Reducing all the stress of wondering if you have everything.

Hiring a complete camping set-up is expensive, and it will be cheaper to use items from your home. Such as a BBQ, foldable table or garden furniture if you have these at home a ready. However, they do need to be transportable.

When hiring a complete camping set-up, you can have the tent pitched ready for you, depending on the location. Otherwise, you will need to consider how you will transport everything.

What is good about hiring a tent?

The best part of hiring a tent is you do not have to purchase a tent. Family tents are expensive, especially for new models and inflatable tents. You can hire up-to-date tents without breaking the bank. The flexibility of tent design styles is a great way to try before buying.

After purchasing a tent and several camping trips to test, I decided that the tent was not for me. Mainly because of the difficulty of pitching. As I am a single mum so often I pitch a tent myself.

Another positive side of hiring a tent is testing how much you can lift and how easy it is to transport. Although you can try the weight in a retail store before buying, I do not walk inside a shop carrying a packed tent to judge how far I can carry or try to lift it into the boot of my car.

If you are not sure about camping after the trip, there are no concerns about selling the tent to try and get some of your money back.

Can you hire tents in Europe?

Yes, you can hire tents in Europe directly from an organisation in the related country and not worry about transporting all of your camping gear by ferry or plane. Canvas Holidays supply both tent hires, or you can only book a pitch. Having a holiday overseas in a resort with swimming pools and other facilities is cheaper.

Prices vary depending on location, numbers, resort and whether you want a pitch only or tent hire with cooking facilities, fridge, and f eezer. Pitch only prices on average for 7 day £360. The hiring of a tent on average is £900 plus.

Holiday destinations include France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Portugal. However, you will need to pay additional transportation costs, so don’t forget to check the prices and availability first before booking.

Is hiring a tent more expensive than buying a tent?

Hiring a tent is cheaper than purchasing a new season tent. However, check the hire cost compared to a new tent before buying. Often the tents are several years old, and during sales, you can purchase tents for the same price as hiring or buying second hand from Facebook, eBay or preloved.

Camping in a new season tent, hiring is the most affordable option. Especially if you want a large inflatable tent, new you would expect to pay £1200 – £2000.


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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