6 Reasons why glamping is ideal for winter breaks

Standard glamping pods

Glamping is the perfect solution if you love the outdoors but do not enjoy pitching a tent on a cold, wet, and windy day.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy glamping during the colder months. You can stay at one of the many glamping campsites that offer everything from rustic cabins to lavish tents. Or, simply rent a cabin or tent in somebody’s back garden, which is becoming more common.

1 – Stay warm and not worry about cold nights

One of the biggest reasons people enjoy glamping is because they love the idea of being able to spend more time outdoors without having to worry about the weather.

This means they can enjoy the beauty of nature without feeling cold.

After a cold day out, why not spend a lovely warm evening inside a heated cabin? Nice and snug inside, dry clothes, and not worrying about how cold you will feel at night. If the glamping pod is too warm, you can turn the heating off or down.

The only downside is if you are in a glamping tent, you will still need to take that trip to the toilets during the night. However, if you have a luxury cabin, toilets and showers will be inside the cabin.

2 – No more finding bugs in your bed

Nothing is worse than being inside a tent and hearing mosquitoes buzzing around or trying to keep other bugs out. Glamping offers you a comfortable night’s sleep without these concerns.

There will be some bugs, but only inside if you leave the doors open.

We enjoy glamping during colder months, as I dread packing our tent away and cleaning all of the bugs off the base of the groundsheet.

3 – You don’t have to worry about getting wet

There are so many reasons why glamping is better than camping. First off, you don’t have to worry about getting wet. This means you can stay dry and comfortable anytime and enjoy being in the countryside.

You can change your clothes and dry them off. No more trying to keep dry when you want to go to the toilet at night. It’s all there in your luxury glamping pod.

Another bonus I enjoyed about glamping was being able to dry our coats and shoes off during the night. I placed them near the heater, and in the morning, there was no more putting on wet shoes. Towels dried quickly after our showers, making life simpler during the colder seasons.

4 – Enjoy the views from a luxury cabin

If you prefer to stay indoors, you can still enjoy the benefits of glamping during the colder season.

Glamping pods are in idyllic settings, enabling you to sit inside a warm cabin, and admire the scenery. It is a great alternative to camping, as you can look out into the countryside from a warm glamping pod. No more trying to keep warm whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

5 – Glamping is easier than pitching a tent

If you’re looking for an alternative to camping, then glamping might be just what you need. These bell tents offer more comfort than traditional tents because they provide heat and sometimes air conditioning. They also have beds, tables, chairs, and even televisions provided.

Everything is all set up and ready for you to arrive. No more arguing, trying to pitch a tent as quick as possible, and then realising you have forgotten your pegs.

Glamping is stress-free and a great way to start a weekend away.

6 – Lighter way to travel and enjoy the outdoors

If you’re looking for an alternative to camping, then glamping might be just what you need. While camping requires planning and preparation, glamping is much easier.

All you need to do is pack a few essential items, and away you go. No more worrying about trying to get all your gear into the car and unpacking when you arrive. Above all, when you leave, no more hoping for a dry day to pack away.

All you have to do is clean your clothes when you arrive home.

Several types of glamping are available, from standard cabins, yurts, teepee tents, and luxury cabins. Not sure what to choose or how much it will cost? Don’t get caught out and book the wrong type for you. We have listed price ranges and costs that will help you choose your next weekend away.

Related questions

Why is glamping different from other types of travel?

There are several reasons why glamping is so popular.

  • Visit a beautiful location while still enjoying the comforts of home
  • Ideal for activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, fishing
  • It offers an opportunity to connect with nature
  • Unique experience
  • Standard pods are affordable, they are the same prices as a tent pitch

Standard glamping pod: What gear should I take?

Standard glamping pods are shells; you must take all items apart from a tent. There should be a bed base, but that will be all when booking check to confirm if bed bases are available.

  • Sleeping bag or quilt
  • Pillows
  • Gas stove, BBQ or electric stove
  • Charcoal and lighter for BBQ
  • Cutlery
  • Plates, bowls, cups
  • Washing up bowl & Washing up liquid
  • Tea towels
  • Kettle
  • Cool box
  • Food
  • Personal hygiene bits
  • Flip flips for communal showers
  • Clothes suitable for location and weather
  • Chairs & table (check if there are any available near pod)

Standard pods will have electricity, so you do not need an electrical hook-up. However, I recommend taking an extension lead if you have several electrical items you need to charge simultaneously.

There will not be any toilets or showers available inside of the pods. There will be a shared shower and toilet facility on site.

They will also have free WiFi so that you can take an iPad for entertaining children during the evenings.

Luxury glamping pod: What do I need to take?

Luxury glamping is not cheap and is similar to hotels in the countryside. There will be everything you need, so the only items you will need to take are clothing and food

  • Bed linen (majority will include, but there may be an additional cost)
  • Cooking facilities (if canvas tent only)
  • Food & coolbox
  • Charcoal for BBQ


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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