Why is it essential to have a comfortable chair when camping?

Pros and cons of camping chair designs

Choosing the right camping chair might appear straightforward, but in my experience, it’s been quite the journey. I have gone through roughly ten different chairs over the years, only to realise that finding that perfect chair for evening relaxation takes time.

Through trial and error, I have come to appreciate the significance of a comfortable chair when it comes to unwinding around the campfire.

Here is why having a cosy, reliable camping chair is essential.

1 – Relaxation and enjoyment

After a full day of exploration, returning to your campsite and sinking into a comfortable camping chair is a true delight. It’s not just about resting; it’s your chance to unwind and let go of the day’s adventures.

A cosy camping chair provides the perfect setting to recharge your batteries, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Whether you prefer a steaming cup of coffee or a relaxing glass of wine, it is your time to savour the moment.

For me, the real magic happens early in the morning. I settle into my trusty camping chair, kindle in hand, and enjoy the tranquillity of my surroundings. A warm cup of coffee is an ideal start to the day.

2 – Socialising

Camping chairs extend the time for socialising effortlessly. When you have a comfortable chair, concerns about sitting around the campfire or participating in games fade away. 

Camping chairs enable you to relax for extended periods without discomfort.

As evening falls, one of my favourite pastimes is settling into a cosy camping chair by the campfire. It keeps me warm while I watch my son create delicious s’mores or engage in friendly card games. This creates lasting memories of fun and laughter.

3 – Improved posture

Maintaining good posture is crucial to avoid ending your evening with a pesky backache. Investing in a camping chair designed for prolonged comfort is vital.

My journey of trying out numerous camping chairs stemmed from this very concern. Despite testing many of them in stores, predicting whether a chair will be uncomfortable during extended use is often hard.

During one camping trip, Nick and I were arguing about our chairs. We both decided we wanted the same chair. 

4 – Camping convenience

Our camping chairs prove their worth in various situations, extending beyond the confines of our campsite.

Foldable camping chairs make excellent companions for festivals and day trips. When they are lightweight, they are ideal for hikes and wilderness adventures. However, it’s crucial to consider their collapsible design for easy transport.

Furthermore, camping chairs are designed with convenience in mind. Some feature pockets for storing books, kindles, or phones, ensuring you have your entertainment close at hand.

Additionally, built-in cup holders in the arms provide a secure spot for your favourite beverages, whether it’s a can of soda or a bottle of beer.

Moreover, they are invaluable for accommodating extra guests and offering additional seating.

With a multitude of chair options out there, it’s crucial to match the chair type with your camping style and terrain. Explore our article delving into the pros and cons of various camping chair designs tailored to different environments and preferences.

5 – Weather considerations

Camping doesn’t guarantee consistently warm and sunny weather for outdoor relaxation. Preparation for various conditions is key.

Some camping chairs come equipped with canopies, providing shade and shelter from light rain.

However, rather than investing in chairs with built-in canopies, I find it more practical to set up a tarp shelter or awning attached to my tent or campervan.

6 – Eating and dining

The best part of camping is eating as a group outside. A comfortable chair enhances the experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy your meal whilst enjoying your surroundings and company.

The best part of camping is eating as a group outside. A comfortable chair enhances the experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy your meal. Whilst enjoying your surroundings and company.

Relaxing in the evenings is a crucial aspect of camping, especially when you’re with family or friends. Being in good company is important, but it is equally vital to ensure everyone is comfortable, especially if there are young children involved. You do not want spills and struggles with seating.

A camping table and chairs set can be the perfect solution, but you need to consider the capacity and individual weights before deciding if it is the right choice. Discover more in our article, where we share insights on camping table and chairs, including weight limits for tables and chairs.

7 – Quality sleep

Lack of sleep can ruin a camping trip. Your bed is uncomfortable, and your sleeping pad keeps deflating.  

Camping chairs can double up as temporary beds to help keep you off the ground. However, I would not recommend an everyday camping chair. Ideally, you need a recliner and an adjustable back.

Remember that you are in a chair and cannot roll over.

8 – Adaptability to your environment

Camping chairs are versatile and can find use in various environments, either in the woods, by the beach, at the lake, or on uneven terrain. A comfortable camping chair allows you to adapt to your surroundings with ease.

Some camping chairs feature adjustable legs, ensuring stability even on uneven ground. These straightforward chairs can provide you with comfort in some of the most challenging and unwelcoming outdoor areas.

Related questions

Are camping chairs waterproof?

Not all camping chairs are waterproof. Several different factors need to be considered.

1 – Material

Many camping chairs are made using materials that offer a degree of water resistance, such as polyester or nylon. These fabrics boast a tight weave, which inherently inhibits the easy passage of water droplets. As a result, they can effectively withstand light rain or moisture without swiftly succumbing to saturation. The dense weave minimises the size of gaps where water could seep.

2 – Coatings and treatments

Camping chairs are coated with a water-resistant coating to help repel water. The most common waterproofing chemical is PU (Polyurethane coating). The type of waterproof coating will vary depending on the manufacturer. Several other chemicals are used, all of which will increase the durability of your camping chairs.

  • Wax-based coatings – Offers excellent water resistance, breathability and a natural appearance. However, you must re-wax, similar to wax jackets.
  • Silicone coating – Camping chairs with silicone coatings offer excellent water repellency, durability, and flexibility but may come at a higher cost. They are ideal if you prioritize durability and weather resistance in their outdoor gear and are willing to invest in high-quality equipment.
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) – Applied to the surface of the chairs, enabling the chairs to have high resistance against water. DWR offers effective water repellency, breathability, and quick drying, making them suitable for various outdoor conditions. However, their waterproofing may be limited in heavy rain, and the treatment may require occasional reapplication. Ideal if you prioritize versatility and ease of maintenance, you often find DWR-treated chairs to be a practical choice.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – Offers excellent waterproofing, durability, and flexibility but may come at a higher cost. They are well-suited for campers who prioritize durability and weather resistance in their outdoor gear and are willing to invest in high-quality equipment.

2 – Seams and stitching

Always check the stitching and seams, and water can seep through. Some chairs are designed with sealed and taped seams similar to tents to reduce water ingress.

3 – Built-in accessories

It is great to have side pockets and cup holders for storage. However, water can easily be collected in these areas. Consider the design before buying. You can easily use a chair cover or keep it under a tarp to avoid issues.

Do camping chairs have a weight limit?

Camping chairs have varying weight limits based on the chair’s design.

  • Standard chairs – Typically support 90 to 120 kilograms (14 to 18 stone).
  • Heavy-duty chairs – Can handle up to 136 kilograms (max 21 stone).
  • Double camping chairs – Support up to 100 kilograms on each side (max 15 stone).
  • Ultralight chairs – Designed for weights up to 90 kilograms (max 14 stone).

These weight limits are essential for safety. Using a chair beyond its limit can result in injury or chair damage.

Over time, I’ve learned that cheaper camping chairs tend to break easily. Always check the weight limit before buying to ensure you’re making a wise investment and avoiding potential mishaps.


I'm a single parent who loves pitching a tent and exploring the countryside at any opportunity. I am working with a glamping pod company and helping them to set up a family campsite in East Riding Yorkshire.

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